Kojic Acid – Get rid of blemishes, dark spots naturally!

Do you want to get rid of those facial dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles naturally and instantly? Doxema Skin Lightening Soap with Kojic acid and Glutathione can help you. Using this soap regularly will help you to get rid of dark spots, dark circles and wrinkles all at the same time.

How does one get dark spots and blemishes?

Kojic acid is used in a wide range of beauty products and cosmetics. It may be used to treat skin conditions such as blemishes, dark spots, scars, age spots, sun damage and many more.

Viral diseases such as shingles and chicken pox can also cause hyper pigmentation. Excessive scratching of chickenpox blisters can cause damage to the skin. Inflammation on the skin due to chicken pox can lead to temporary scars with a sunken appearance.

Can kojic acid help lighten facial dark spots?

Kojic acid is a compound that is extracted from different fungi. It is often used as a skin lightening agent because of its ability to stop the tyrosinase protein from producing a compound called melanin in your skin. Melanin is a pigment that colors your hair, eyes, and skin.

According to medical experts, when kojic acid comes in contact with the tyrosinase, it prevents the catecholase function of the protein. It is during the catecholase function, tyrosinase makes melanin. Hence, by preventing the tyrosinase protein’s ability to make melanin, kojic acid is capable of stopping hyperpigmentation, which can help brighten dark spots on your skin.

The effectiveness of kojic acid soap on your skin

Using products like the Doxema Skin Lightening Soap with kojic acid and glutathione can surely reduce various skin problems including hyperpigmentation, dark spots, wrinkles and blemishes on your skin. Kojic acid, in particular, is an effective treatment for brightening your skin tone. Medical experts have equated kojic acid with another popular skin lightening agent called hydroquinone.

Kojic acid soap has a positive effect on dermis conditions like melasma and freckles. By preventing the production of melanin, the soap can reduce pigmentation problems to a larger extent. Doxema skin whitening soap will give beneficial results for those with dark spots, blemishes and related conditions.

Dealing with common dermis problems

When your body produces excess melanin, your skin can easily be damaged. In instances, where the skin hosts a number of blemishes and dark spots, it is vital to use the kojic acid soap to reinstate your skin to its charming and healthy state.

When kojic acid is combined with glutathione, the results are incredible. You not only get rid of blemishes but also get a radiant and shining skin tone. Furthermore, glutathione boosts skin cells giving you a much healthier and brighter skin tone.

Other benefits of Kojic acid soap

Apart from brightening dark spots on your skin, kojic acid soap is also an excellent anti-aging skin agent. Whether you get wrinkles, fine lines, or dropping skin, kojic acid soap will commendably treat your skin to good effect.

By peeling off old and damaged skin, kojic acid soap nourishes damaged skin and allows new skin to mature effectively. Doxema Skin Lightening Soap with kojic acid and glutathione ensures that your skin emits a radiant glow and provides you with a flawless and clear face.

Vitamin C Capsules – Incredible health benefits

Vitamin C is indispensable for our health as it performs several crucial functions in our body from boosting immunity to healthy bones and teeth.

Our body benefits significantly with the regular intake of vitamin C capsules. It is not only crucial for the effective functioning of our body but, also contributes to healthy skin and hairs.

Vitamin C also called ascorbic acid or L – ascorbic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and a powerful antioxidant that regenerates other antioxidants in the body. The body is unable to produce it on its own, and it gets the required amount of Vitamin C from the diet.

The recommended intake of Vitamin C for an adult man is 90 milligrams. While for adult women it is 75 milligrams. High dosage of Vitamin C rarely causes problems and side effects. Some of the possible side effects include – nausea, heartburn, stomach cramps, and headache.

The deficiency of Vitamin C can cause scurvy. The symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency include fatigue, easy bruising, joint and muscle aches, and bleeding gums to name a few.

Benefits of Vitamin C capsules

Not many people are fully aware of the complete set of benefits of Vitamin C. It does a lot more than just boosting immunity and strengthening the bones and teeth. Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of Vitamin C –

  • Improves Heart Health

According to some studies, Vitamin C is known to prevent heart disease. It prevents endothelin – 1 protein from constricting small blood vessels, preventing heart attack and cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C also lowers blood pressure and keeps the arteries flexible.

  • Facilitates Osteoarthritis treatment

Vitamin C can help in preventing certain types of arthritis like inflammatory arthritis. It also helps in maintaining healthy joints in osteoarthritis. However, excess intake of vitamin C can worsen the condition of arthritis.

  • Promotes Eye Health

Vitamin C plays a significant role in improving the health of the eyes. Its benefit for the eyes is quite extensive. Some of the benefits are – it lowers the risk of cataract ensures proper functioning of retinal cells and boosts the health of blood vessels in the eyes. Vitamin C also assists in the treatment of uveitis and regenerates Vitamin E in the eye.

  • Regulates blood sugar

Vitamin C stimulates the insulin mechanism, thereby, regulating blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes. It also helps in preventing diabetes-related damage to the blood vessels.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Vitamin C helps in slimming down the waistline by increasing the metabolism rate. It also enhances the oxidation of the body fat during exercise leading to weight loss.

Looking at the vast list of health benefits of Vitamin C, it is advised to include vitamin C in the regular diet. One way to ensure the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C is by taking Vitamin C supplements like the Doxema Vita-Me Vitamin C 1000 mg 30 capsules. In short, these capsules ensure that the body gets an adequate amount of vitamin C for its effective functioning.

Lanolin Shampoo – Get rid of dry and damaged hair quickly

Lanolin or wool wax is a boon for dry and damaged hair. Lanolin is being increasingly used in the production of hair and skin care products owing to its hydrating and moisturizing properties.

Do you have dry and frizzy hair or over curly hair that refuses to be tamed? Are good hair days only a distant dream for you? If all your answers are on the affirmative side, I would like to ask you have you heard of lanolin? No! Well here’s a low – down on lanolin shampoo and its amazing benefits.

What is Lanolin?

Lanolin is a yellowish waxy substance produced by a sheep’s sebaceous gland. Lanolin acts as an antifungal and antibacterial agent. It also protects and keeps the sheep’s wool dry and healthy. Cashing in on protective quality of Lanolin, several companies are using it in their hair care products.

Benefits of Lanolin for hair

Lanolin is used as a base for several medical creams and ointments – owing to its cleansing, soothing and lubricating properties. There are also plenty of benefits of lanolin for the skin and hair. And, hence it is widely used in the skin and hair care products. Some of the main benefits of lanolin for the hair are listed below –

  1. Lanolin traps moisture in the hair shaft without dissolving in it thereby resulting in wonderfully moisturized and smooth hair. And works especially great for over curly or dry and damaged hair.
  2. It works as a great substitute for the excessively thick and sticky castor oil. So you get the smoothness without your hair feeling heavy and sticky.
  3. Lanolin is a great conditioning agent and increases the moisture, luster, and softness of the hair. It also helps in reducing hair tangles and flyaways thereby, improving the quality of hair.
  4. Lanolin promotes hair growth by preventing hair breakage and damage from environmental factors. So indirectly yes it promotes hair growth.

What makes Lanolin hair shampoo different from other hair care products?

Now, there are other products widely available in the market that promises to be a great remedy for dry and damaged hair. So why should you use lanolin over them? To answer this question here are a few reasons that make lanolin superior to other products.

  1. Lanolin is thicker and heavier than other conditioners or additives and easily smoothen and softens coarse and thick hair. While regular conditioners don’t work as effectively to tame such unmanageable hair.
  2. Regular oils are mainly fatty acids, while lanolin is made of the esters of fatty acids and alcohol allowing it to hold moisture in, in a much better way.

My 14-year-old niece has excessive curly and thick hair that is unmanageable, to say the least. So, I took her to a dermatologist who recommended this amazing shampoo named Doxema Hair Care Shampoo With Lanolin and Pro Vit B. And, it’s like my baby has got new hair. The shampoo makes her hair so soft, glossy and smooth that it is simply unbelievable. Now, like any other teenagers – she happily styles and flaunts her new hair.

If you too are suffering from thick and unmanageable hair, I suggest you start using this Doxema Hair Care Shampoo With Lanolin and Pro Vit B to reap in the benefits of both pro-Vit B and lanolin for your hair.

Top 3 skin whitening tips at home for a glowing skin

Are you looking for an effective and inexpensive method of whitening your skin that is devoid of harmful reactions? Women everywhere are interested in restoring their skin to its natural glory and constantly seeking ways to reduce tan marks, blemishes, or scars caused by dust and other internal factors.

But with too many skin whitening solutions available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the best skin whitening technique that serves your needs. Doxema Whitening Skin Moisturizing Body Lotion is one such alternative that is safe and easy to use. Listed below are top 3 simple skin whitening tips that can be assimilated in your daily skincare regime.

Tip 1: Moisturizing your skin

One of the many reasons for a dull and unappealing skin tone is dryness. When your skin is dry and lusterless, it automatically begins to peel leaving it to look scaly. Moisturizing your skin is vital for it to look healthy and radiant. Moreover, moisturizing your skin regularly with a good lotion also evens out skin tone.

Dab some generous amount of moisturizing lotion after a hot shower to witness the best results. When the moisturizing lotion is applied directly to the damp skin, it acts as a moisture lock preventing excess water from evaporating.

Tip 2: Stay hydrated

When your skin is dry and lacks luster, it means that you aren’t drinking enough fluids. Water is essential to keep your skin healthy. It helps to open up pores and clean out the dirt accumulated in the skin. Furthermore, it also inhibits the production of melanin – a pigment which gives your skin its natural color.

By drinking at least 5 to 6 glasses of water in day distributes blood evenly in the body. This prevents the occurrence of any skin conditions, such as pimples, acne, blemishes, and scars, which can cause discoloration to the skin.

Tip 3: Apply good skin whitening lotions

Application of skin whitening moisturizers can be the best technique for whitening your body complexion. You must look for lotions that contain sorbitol, shea and cocoa butter, almond oil, sunflower oil, Vitamin E, and Glycerin. These ingredients cleanse, protect, moisturize, and whiten the skin to a larger extent.

Avoid purchasing creams that contain harmful bleaching chemicals such as hydroquinone. Even if you aren’t sure which lotion works best for you, always apply a small amount on the skin underneath your elbow to check for redness or rashes.

Do you long to steal the show at parties and social gatherings? We all do! But our skin problems prevent us from achieving this beauty objective. Doxema Whitening Skin Moisturizing Body Lotion consists of natural ingredients that help our skin to produce melanin and sport a glowing complexion.

Using the lotion regularly for a month can render excellent results. Doxema skin whitening and moisturizing lotion not only whitens the complexion bust also reduces the overall appearance of hyperpigmentation, age spots, dark elbows, and chloasma with relative ease. Do you have any success stories and skin whitening tips to share? We would love to hear from you.

The Ultimate Secret Of Breast firming Capsules Revealed

Looking for a safe and effective solution to tighten your breasts? Breast firming capsules are the easiest and most convenient solution to increase breast size naturally.

Breast is an ideal sign of a women’s beauty and having a fuller breast is the dream of all women. However, women have to face the issue of breast sagging at some point in their life. Breast sagging is not only common among older women but younger women also.

Breast sagging is a natural process and sooner or later all women have to go through this. Age, menopause, gravity, sudden weight loss or gain, smoking and breastfeeding are some of the primary causes of breast sagging.

There are various methods to counter breast sagging. From topical breast firming creams, surgical implants to breast firming capsules, there are many effective ways to get firm breasts. It is important to remember that breast firming is not an easy task and surgeries should only be used as a last resort to treat breast ptosis or breast sagging.

Although breast firming creams are safe to use, they may not offer a permanent solution to sagging breasts. They only tighten up the skin for a short time, giving the illusion of a firm breast.

Breast firming capsules are a natural and convenient way to get a firmer breast. These capsules are safe to use and have proven to be much more effective in treating sagging breasts.

Benefits of breast firming capsules

Breast firming capsules are not just the products offering desired results in a short time but, also have several other benefits. Some of the benefits are as below –

● The capsules provide larger and firmer breast in a short duration
● It enhances the shape of the breast and makes it more soft and supple
● It provides the body, the required compounds to increase the size and girth of the breast
● The breast firming capsules strengthen and firms up the ligaments.
● Balances the estrogen levels of the body

The key to the effectiveness of breast enhancement capsules lies in its formulation, as such it is crucial to read the ingredients carefully before making a purchase. The best type of breast firming capsule should have a natural formulation like the Doxema Bust Care Breast Firming Capsules.

These capsules boast of specifically using natural ingredients that trigger natural breast enhancement mechanism of the body. Moreover, they are quite convenient to use and requires taking only a single capsule daily post-dinner for 3 months for positive results.

Word of caution

Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised to stay away from the breast firming capsules as it can be harmful to the baby. Also, women sensitive to some of the ingredients of the breast firming capsules should consult a doctor before experimenting with these capsules.

In other cases, the Doxema Bust Care Breast Firming Capsules are pretty safe to use and has helped many women in achieving their desired breast shape naturally and effectively.

Do write to us about your experiences with breast firming capsules in our comment section.

Face Serum for glowing, anti-aging and spotless skin

Face serum is one of the best skin care products that can penetrate deeply into your skin. It is a great tool for skin care concerns such as – blemishes, wrinkles, fine lines, aging spots, etc. Serums have a wide range of moisturizing ingredients that help skin retain its moisture.

Being lighter than regular skin creams, they can penetrate the skin cells much more efficiently – eventually providing adequate nutrients. From mild sports to stubborn scars, they help you deal with several skin conditions.

Face serums are available for varied types of skin issues that range from wrinkles, pigmentation, skin whitening to acne and pimples. There is a huge demand for skin whitening face serums. The market is full of different types of face serums, each with a long list of benefits.

Doxema Glutathione With Arbutin Face Serum is one of the best products in the market with unique ingredients like Glutathione and Arbutin. Now, the question is -”What sets this particular face serum apart from other face serums?”

The perfect blend of glutathione and arbutin makes it a unique product. These ingredients can offer remarkable skin whitening results.

The skin brightening and whitening benefits of glutathione are well known. Glutathione (GSH) is a powerful antioxidant produced by our body. It detoxifies the skin resulting in a brighter, fairer and youthful skin.

On the other hand, Arbutin is a newly discovered natural skin whitening agent that acts as a substitute for hydroquinone. Arbutin prevents the tyrosinase enzyme from producing melanin thereby, resulting in fairer skin.

Arbutin used in the cosmetic industry is of two types – 1) Alpha Arbutin and 2) Beta-Arbutin. The Alpha Arbutin is more effective than beta arbutin and more prominently used in varied skincare products.

Unique features of the Doxema Glutathione With Arbutin Face Serum

Doxema promises to bring nature’s essence and modern science together quantitatively and qualitatively. Doxema Glutathione With Arbutin Face Serum is a great example of an efficient nature and science synthesis. It is the unique blend of nature and science that has made Doxema, a favorite of beauty experts and critics.

Some of the key features of the Doxema Glutathione With Arbutin Face Serum are as follows;

  • It evens out the skin tone
  • Treats skin imbalances and restores the skin’s quality
  • Fights visible signs of aging
  • Makes the skin smooth, radiant and regenerated

Besides the above benefits, this Face Serum holds many other benefits for the skin. The presence of Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C in the face serum go beyond mere whitening and brightening of the skin. It reduces the damage that stimulates the excess production of melanin.

The best thing about the Doxema Glutathione With Arbutin Face Serum is that the results are visible only after a few days. Do not just believe us! Buy this wonderful product and discover its benefits for yourself. Don’t forget to let us know how you found this product.

Fish Collagen – The New Trend in Skin Care and Health

Do you know that fish is the major source of collagen? The peptides in fish collagen have the best absorption due to their smaller particle size. It can be absorbed 1.5 times efficiently than any other compound by the human body. This complex protein provides a wide range of health benefits. It is a type I collagen that provides beautiful skin.

Collagen supplements have become popular in this regard. There are several foods that you can eat to increase collagen. However, fish collagen supplements are the best and convenient way to increase collagen intake.

From improving skin health to preventing bone loss, collagen capsules give promising results.

How does fish collagen help your body?

Due to its widespread availability, vigor and its direct relation with body and skin disorders, fish collagen has garnered tremendous attention from medical and cosmetic researchers. It not only helps the body stay healthy but rejuvenates and refreshes the skin to a greater extent.

Although collagen is produced naturally, our bodies fall short of producing it with every passing year. Listed below are some of the benefits of consuming collagen capsules.

Weak bones? No worries! Collagen helps to replace lost bone density

The loss of bone density is a widespread problem and one of the earliest signs of aging which leads to osteoporosis. Ensuring that our bodies have sufficient calcium and phosphorous is vital to maintaining bone density.

However, our bodies often find it difficult to absorb these minerals and thus, put us as the risk of getting bone related deficiencies. Research shows that fish collagen consists of peptides that help in the absorption of lost minerals which are crucial for bone strength.

Tired of wrinkles? Fish Collagen can tighten your skin

By the age of 21, the collagen present in our skin begins to wear off and continues to decimate throughout our adulthood, leading to saggy and dull skin. Supplementing your body with Doxema collagen capsules will rejuvenate your skin and help it restore its lost glory. Instances show that people who included fish collagen in their diet have had wrinkle-free, hydrated, and firm skin

Speeds up healing of wounds and reduces scars

Consuming fish collagen regularly can expedite the healing process and also reduce scars. Collagen is essential for regeneration of skin following an injury or skin deformation, such as blemishes, rashes, scars, and burns. Studies show that collagen might be a crucial component in the healing process as it helps promote the proliferation of cells, protein formation, and renewing extracellular matrix for building muscle tissues.

As we grow old, the ability of our body to generate new collagen dips and existing collagen starts to wear off. This is perhaps the root cause of skin aging, wrinkles, and loss in bone density. It can also to lead to increased problems in our digestive systems, a poor immune system, and increased risk of contracting a terminal illness. Luckily, Doxema collagen capsules when consumed daily can reverse and mitigate these effects.

Skin whitening capsules – the best solution for dark skin

Skin whitening seems to be the latest buzzword in the health and beauty industry. Everyone today wants to have fair and radiant skin, from the celebrities to the commoners.

Skin whitening capsules are the latest trend in the beauty industry. Our obsession with fair skin is no longer hidden. This obsession can be due to our culture and society that has always seen fair skin as the benchmark for beauty.

Many people frown upon the idea of skin whitening but, I don’t see why it should be a problem. It is a matter of personal choice and if someone wants to lighten their skin tone – then why not?

I am not saying that black is ugly and fair is lovely. It’s just that we only get to live once, so why not do something that is going to bring us happiness. If a fair skin is what all you need, then we are going to help you get that.

How to lighten the skin tone?

There are plenty of ways to lighten your skin tone. From the traditional remedies to face packs, chemical peels, skin bleaching, and medications. Now, you must be thinking which of these methods are most effective.

The natural face masks and home remedies are indeed effective. But, they are quite time-consuming. On the other hand, chemical peels and bleaching can be quite harsh on the skin.

So, the best way to lighten your skin tone is medication. You can get skin whitening injection shots or opt for the skin whitening pills. There are various skin whitening pills available in the market that can lighten your skin tone.

Skin whitening capsules contain glutathione, a naturally produced antioxidant in the body. It helps to detoxify every cell in the body and also fights off free radicals to offer a fairer skin tone.

People who have used skin whitening capsules also say that the glutathione also made their skin smoother and healthier. It also helped in preventing pimples and removing acne scars and blemishes.

Now, don’t rush into getting skin whitening capsules. There are several substandard skin whitening pills available, so you need to be careful. If you are keen on buying skin whitening pills, then you can try the Doxema GSH Kit With Glutathione And Vitamin C Capsules.

These capsules are proven to be effective in skin lightening and are also safe to use. What makes the Doxema Capsules better than other pills is that they are packed with the dual benefits of Vitamin C and Glutathione. These capsules have been tested and proven to be safe and effective.

Skin whitening capsules are generally safe, though you do need to consult a dermatologist before taking them. Do drop in a comment and tells us your views on skin whitening pills.

Reasons Why People Like Doxema Glutathione Lico Face Wash

Using a face wash regularly is one of the best ways to get fair and glowing skin. Having a mild and natural face wash that clears the skin and also have added benefits for the skin is absolutely non-negotiable.

The Doxema Glutathione Lico Face Wash is a highly effective fairness face wash. Many beauty experts and critics swear by its efficacy. The unique mix of natural ingredients found in the Doxema face wash sets it apart from regular face washes available in the market.

Glutathione and licorice are stand-alone great skin whitening agents. These two skin whitening ingredients make the best product for your skin.

Doxema has done precisely this. Doxema has made this possible by bringing together the benefits of glutathione and liquorice in a single product- to offer one of the best and highly effective skin whitening face wash available in the market.

Those who have used the product rate it as one of the best fairness face washes available in the market .

What sets Doxema glutathione lico face wash apart from other products?

There are several things about the new Doxema face wash that has made it a popular in a short span. Here’s a look at some of the key features of the Doxema face wash;

Brightens and whitens the face

The Doxema face wash truly delivers on its claim of brightening and whitening the face. The glutathione and liquorice are renowned for their skin brightening properties. They serve as active ingredients in the face wash , as a result of which the user gets a visibly fairer skin with every wash.

Suits all skin types

The best thing about the Doxema face wash is that it is suitable for all skin types. In fact, licorice has skin soothing properties and hence is widely used in products meant for sensitive skin. Hence it can be safely said that Doxema is a great product for all skin types.

Healthy for the skin

Liquorice and glutathione are powerful antioxidants that prevent the production of free radicals and protect the skin cells from damage. They also help in reducing the signs of ageing. The best thing about glutathione is that it cleanses the skin of all impurities thereby, resulting in a brighter complexion.

Safe and Natural

The Doxema glutathione lico face wash is the perfect blend of nature’s essence and modern science. It is developed after thorough research and expert consultation, resulting in a safe product for all skin types.

If you are still using the old face wash, switch to the new Doxema glutathione Lico face wash. You will love the smooth feel and texture of your skin.

Do remember to drop in a comment to us and share your experiences with us.

Make your skin look spotless with Doxema night cream

We all know that the skin is the largest organ in our body. The skin will take care of itself as we grow old. However, the dust, smoke, and other harmful particles present in the air can affect it to a great extent. Besides, the chemicals in our food can also have an adverse effect on our skin.

Night creams and moisturizers are typically the last resort to some people. However, they fail to realize that the skin cells are always changing and require timely attention. Doxema night cream is one such cream that takes care of all our basic skin requirements.

How are night creams different from day creams?

Night creams are completely different from day creams, both in terms of composition and texture. A day cream can protect you during the day without making your skin look greasy and dull. On the contrary, night creams protect your skin while sleeping.

The skin is able to regenerate new cells during the sleep cycle, and night creams help it to enhance the process. For instance, the Doxema night cream has extracts of olive oil in it. When you apply it at bedtime, the olive oil in the cream penetrates deep into your skin and helps it to repair damaged cells.

The other active ingredients such as – licorice, aloe vera, Vitamin E, almond oil, and olive oil present in the night cream work while you are asleep. They penetrate deeper into your skin and effectively treat skin issues such as acne, scars, blemishes, and dark circles. Hence, when you wake up – your face seems fresh, moisturized, and rejuvenated.

It works on your neck too!

The application of face creams is not limited to the face alone. It can also be applied along the neckline. The skin on the neck is prone to develop severe problems if one fails to look after it.

You must ensure to apply a generous amount of Doxema night cream on the neck to keep the skin nourished and rejuvenated. You can always opt to purchase a neck cream. But, why should you waste money when the night cream can take care of everything.

It is a proactive remedy for anti-aging

Night creams comprising of nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E and aloe vera help in tightening the skin and keeping it flexible. These creams not only moisturizes your skin but also helps you fight wrinkles, acne, and drooping skin conditions.

If you are looking for a night cream which will make your skin look spotless overnight, you should try the Doxema night cream which is easily available on online stores and local drug stores.

It is enriched with key beautifying agents such as aloe vera, olive oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E which will leave your skin smooth and radiant, regardless of the skin type and condition. Why not try it out yourself?