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MLM is a strategy to make their customers into their distributors

In traditional business the product is made by the manufacturer then it is transported to the distributor and then to the retailer and then it reaches the actual customer, in this maximum profit is earned by producer, distributor, and retailer hence consumer gains very less benefit.

In network marketing the product is directly reached from producer to the customer in a proper channel, by this customer is the one who gains all the benefit which was not possible in the above mentioned traditional business. So if the consumer likes the product then they can directly become the distributors or individual business owners and promote the product personally or individually by any means socially. And the people who have received the product by these distributors can be introduced in their company as new distributors. In the future how big the turnover the distributor makes the bigger bonus they receive.

If you don’t have much money to start your own business, then network marketing is the biggest opportunity for you to become more independent financially and have your own business or be your boss. Or if you have honey and invest in it then more is the profit you will receive.

Why should you join network marketing?

Life is unpredictable so you should always have secondary means of income as you don’t know what can happen to your primary income and network marketing is one such thing you can do for your secondary means of income and if necessary you can convert it into your primary source also. Research shows on average every millionaire has seven sources of income, so why should we stick onto one source. We should also have many sources for backup as no one know what will happen next so to be on the safer side there should be some means by which if your primary income is lost also you should not get worried and your lifestyle is not disturbed.

It will not only provide us with a source of income but it gives many additional inputs, it will build leadership skills in us, our lifestyle gets improved and most importantly we learn building relationships.

From childhood, we have been suggesting many things to everyone. We saw a movie and loved it so we recommended it to everyone we know to go and watch, we liked the service of salon we suggested everyone go there. Like this we promoted many things right from our childhood but did we get any discount or commission or any other profit by it? The answer is NO, but the person who provides it has surely gained a lot of profit from it. So what network marketing does is that if we live some product and do its promotion via word of mouth we will receive a commission, this is not the end further if that person whom we recommended also liked the product and he/she recommends further then we will receive some percentage from his commission because he was introduced by us so like this just think how the chain can increase and we can gain more and more commission from it just by recommending and later after a stage you can stop suggesting as there are already so many referrals gone because of you for which you will be getting good percentage by others recommendation and promotions.

In traditional business to earn 1core we have to invest 100core, but network marketing does not require any investment we have to only give little time of ours which will start giving us income. Or if we invest money and time both then return we get is also more, more our investment more our returns and bonuses. This is a very different culture of business which helps us in all the aspects of our life, by joining network marketing we become economically stronger, our personality is developed, social life is improved, our connections become more strong, lifestyle takes a huge leap. Not only our personal life is improved but also society gets benefitted as more and more employment is generated, better products and services are created as we will be promoting those products and services which have benefited us, overall we will be contributing to the nation’s growth.