Doxema Glutathione Injection


Doxema 60000Mcg Glutathione Injection 10 Dosage Liver & Skin Care

Doxema Advanced Glutathione Injection is a powerful skin brightening agent that comprises Glutathione that aids in intense liver detoxification while providing skin whitening effects. When administered via IV, Glutathione can distribute evenly throughout the body – giving highly effective results in a short period.

Glutathione injections are very safe to use. They eliminate toxins from the body,  aids in fertility, supports the central nervous system and develops a strong immune system. It also lightens the skin by reducing the production of melanin. Virtually, human cells have glutathione. But, deficiency of this antioxidant will result in conditions like – darker skin tone, build up of toxins in the body, infertility, etc.

These conditions can be prevented by taking Doxema Glutathione Injections in recommended dosage.

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Key ingredients

  • Glutathione is antioxidant + anti-aging that is popular to give fairest skin tone. Glutathione works beyond skin whitening and melanin blocking. It helps in the detoxifying liver, prevents fatty liver, and heart diseases.


  • Promote liver function
  • Boost memory power
  • Slows aging and hyperpigmentation
  • Fights cancer and respiratory distress
  • Rapid skin lightening
  • Improves skin complexion, healthy skin, and nails

How to use?

Take Glutathione Injections at an interval of 3-6 days. You can also tale them along with GSH booster capsules for better results.