About us

Doxema is a cosmetics brand which brings Nature’s Essence and Science together quantitatively and qualitatively. Doxema is one of the fastest growing cosmetics brand in India.

We at Doxema believe in beauty and beauty comes from within, A healthy you is always a beautiful You isn’t it? Your beauty is as personal as your dreams. Through our unique beauty products created with utmost care and apprehension we are into changing lives for the better. When you look good, you feel great. When you feel great, you are confident and ready to reach for your dreams.

We make you ready to shine.

Our dermatologists at Doxema understand the inimitable and unique types of skin and hair and the solutions to the skin and hair queries. Our skin and hair care range are designed as a product which is available to you at this website. The skin and hair experts have tested and innovated products that suit every skin and hair in the world by choosing and using quality ingredients to enhance, transform and bring out the beauty of people and changing the lives of the clients.

As we know every skin and hair type is unique, it demands a customized product and treatment. We have solutions which are designed and supervised by a team of expert dermatologists and trained beauty therapists to address almost every skin and hair issue. We value our customers and are always on our toes to help them look their best and keep them coming back to Doxema.

We have range from daily hair care and skin care, for both men and women. A synergistic combination of these products and services provide you with a holistic skin and hair care solution.

At Doxema, you can avail a wide range of complete hair care and skin solutions specializing in categories of Pigmentation, Anti-ageing, Hair growth, Skin lightening, Acne and Glutathione supplements and Vitamin Supplements. You can enhance your look with regular supplements available at Doxema services. .

Your every spend with Doxema is worth it!

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